How To Find Most Recent Room Rental / Room To Let Availabilities on Google?

Have you ever experienced that moment when your landlord just called you up and informed you that you have to move out tomorrow? Well, I know how that would feel as it is your room that we are talking about, not like moving tables from one to another at the mamak stall. It can be very stressful especially when you do not have much time to locate the potential rooms that you are looking for and short listing them according to your budget and location and of course the tenant mix in the house and whether you are comfortable with the house or apartment.

Thank goodness for the internet as it can help you tremendously by keying in a couple of words and “tada” u have potential current and recent rooms to go and visit and start your shortlisting process. Maybe some of you guys may know this, but for those who don’t this might help. What you need to do is get onto google and type the keyword “room to let ss15” for example and of course a list of results will show which is not a surprise. What you need to do next is to click on the “Show options” button on the top of your results and you will see a list of options on a menu on the left side of the browser. Next thing you need to do is click on “Recent results” and that’s it, you have results of available rooms that have been posted as recent as 1 hour ago. Gone were the days of calling a list of phone numbers and only to be told that the room is not available. Definitely a way to save on your mobile phone calls. Hope this helps, if it does, do shout a comment to me, appreciate it. Happy room hunting !

P/s: This is how it looks, and guess what? this website is on No.1 on Google under recent results.

How to find latest available rooms via Google

How to find latest available rooms via Google

Room To Let Guide & Tips – Male Roommates or Female Roommates?

It is often misunderstood when it comes to the definition of a roommate and a housemate. A roommate is someone you literally live with in the same room and not in the same house like a housemate.  If you live in separate rooms and each of you are paying separate rentals that accumulate to the entire rental of the house, then you have housemates, whereas if you are sharing a room with another person and paying half the rent, you are living with a roommate. I guess it is kind of confusing but maybe a easier way to look at it is a roommate is a subset of a housemate, means that they can be your roommate and your housemate at the same time. It’s like having the yellow yolk in the centre of your “sunny side up” or “telur mata kerbau”” as your roommates and the white part of the egg as your housemates, either way you will have both unless of course you are living in an entire house or an apartment by yourself which will be highly unlikely unless you don’t mind footing the entire monthly rental. Anyway, enough on the definitions roommates and housemates, what I wanted to share with you is that it is very important to be very clear on the type of the roommates of the housemates that you choose to live with.

Firstly, if you are a female, it is a usual norm that you will probably be looking for female only tenanted house unless of course you are the more adventurous type looking for a more mixed sex type of accommodation, it would not be very difficult to locate as they are many landlords who would not want to narrow down their targeted group of tenants to just “female only” or just “male only”. From my experience, the only reason why a landlord would advertise room vacancy as male only is because there are already existing males in the house and the landlord knows that the majority of females out there would not want to live in the same house with another unknown male. There are multiple reasons for this but the main important reason seems to be (from my questions to females viewing my rooms) is security. The stories that I tend to hear from the females are quite extraordinary from drunken males in the house knocking on their doors in the middle of the night asking for god knows what but I think you will have an idea of what I am illustrating to you here to the males who tend to be a bit less concerned about the cleanliness of the house. Don’t get me wrong as I myself am a male so I am not taking sides here but as a landlord, you do get to see and experience both sides of the story. As a landlord, my ultimate objective is to ensure that I offer a safe, secure, clean, value for money accommodation for all my tenants, be it male or female. There are of course, better non-horror stories where the males in the house are total gentlemen type of guys and they totally respect all the females of the house and it’s kind of like each sex taking care of the household which is sort of like in a relationship, well in this scenario, the females would be a bit more secure in a house with males around, while the house would be a bit more presentable and cleaner with females around. Sure sounds like there’s two sides of a coin to almost everything. Most importantly is to know what you are getting yourself into and always follow your gut feel when viewing the rooms and of course the tenants of the house that you are visiting. I would love to hear any comments on this article if you have any, till then, happy room hunting!