Guide to Finding Rooms to Rent Online

Whether you are a college student, or a person in need of a place to stay for a couple of days, weeks, or a month, or maybe you are a person just trying to save some money, renting a room is a viable option. Most people search for rooms to rent in their local newspaper, but another option is to search via the Internet. This article tells of four great places online to search for a room to rent.

Renting Rooms

Renting rooms easy to use website that even a novice when it comes to the Internet can use. On Renting Rooms’ website, visitors can browse for a room by city and state. For example, in the appropriate box, I enter the city and state where I live, Chicago, ILL, then I was asked is their was any particular zip codes I wanted look for a room to rent. Another feature of the website is that visitors will be able to look for a room in their selected price range, just enter the price cap in the appropriate box. Still another feature of Renting Rooms’ website are their categories which include: Find a Room, Find a Room (I have a roommate), Apartment rentals, and Fine a business space. For those wanting only to rent out a room or apartment, they will first need to create an account.

Metro Roommates

Metro Roommates is not only a website that caters to individuals seeking a room in the United States, but around the world. For example, if you are a college student who has decided to go abroad to study in Central America, Africa, Europe, Asia, Mexico or the Caribbean, then Metro Roommate is the perfect place for you. But say, you are a person who is only seeking a room in the United States, Metro Roommate offers an option on their website where individuals can search for a room by the city and state of their choice. Visitors to Metro Roommates’ website will first have to create an account. but once that is done they can browse through categories like Just a Room or Room with Roommates. Metro Roommate also has a section called Global roommate categories that includes: To Rent, Multiple Roommates, Furnished Rooms, and Temporary Rooms. And if there is any confusion for visitors to their website, Metro Roommates have a FAQ section for tenants and landlords.

Easy Roommate
Very easy to navigate is a one of the first things a person will notice when visiting Easy Roommate’s. When visitors enter Easy Roommates’ website they will see two images: one reads I Need A Room, the other one I Have a Room. For those looking to rent a room they need to create an account. Visitors can search for a room by city and state, the price they are willing to pay monthly, weekly and daily for a room, by furnished or unfurnished room, and their desired location.


Another way to search for a room via the Internet is to look for up the Craigslist in your area, go to the real estate section, then rooms. Usually over a dozen inquires from varies people looking to rent a room, lease a room, or in need of a roommate are advertised on Craigslist on a daily basis, some even included pictures of the room or place they are renting so viewers can get see where they will be living. Also, those who are renting the room will provide a phone number and/or e-mail address, plus the price of renting the room, and their personal preferences, if any. As with anything, it is best to be cautious and trust one’s instinct when renting a room.

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