Room To Let – Rental with Utilities or Without?

This is one of the other questions that I often ask myself when it comes to room rentals. I remember in the days when I was in the University in Coventry when we were staying in the university halls, the rental was weekly and it was all inclusive of all utilities, water, electricity & gas for the heating and the cooking. This was indeed very convenient as you did not have to worry about forgetting about paying your bills and coming back to your candle lit room knowing that your electric bill was left somewhere chucked away in your room.

I would love to get some feedback from readers out there on which would they prefer? Would you prefer that all the tenants in the house share out the utility bills, of course for those rooms to take a bigger share since the air-conditioner takes a higher portion of the electricity bill? or would you prefer to have an all-inclusive utilities included in your rent? (like the rooms offered on this website?)

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