Latest Room Updates & Availabilities (Sunday, 16th February 2014, 11:16pm) – No:35, SS15/2B, Subang Jaya ; No: 8, USJ 2/2A ; No:4, USJ 2/2H ; No:17, USJ 2/4 ; Subang Jaya – Room To Let / For Rent in Subang Jaya – For Female Only

Happy New Year Everyone,

How fast time flies, it’s the new year already and Chinese New Year is also gone, anyway, the following are the updated room availabilities as of right now:

No: 8, USJ 2/2A, Subang Jaya – Room A (RM150 under the stairs, small room), Room E (RM210 small room with ceiling fan), Room G (RM290 room with window)

No: 4, USJ 2/2H Subang Jaya – Room E (RM540 with air cond, large room, 2nd largest room in the house, can share with 2 person)

No: 35, SS15/2B, Subang Jaya – Room I (RM620 with air cond, large room, 2nd largest room in the house, can share with 2 person)

No: 17, USJ 2/4, Subang Jaya – Room B (Downstairs Room RM210), Room F (Downstairs Front Room – RM300), Room G (Upstairs Front Room – RM300), Room H (Upstairs Back Room – RM300), Room I (RM350 Downstairs Medium Room with window), Room J
(RM500 Master bedroom attached shared bathroom with air cond, can share with 2 person)

Please note that the above rentals include basic utilities like electricity, water , wifi internet & water heater. Some other facilities like washing machine, fridge, may vary from house to house, please do inquire separately.

Please call me at +6012-324 1192 (iPhone iMessage,Viber & WhatsApp friendly) or Skype “kwazycool” or email me at or visit our Facebook page for more information on the rooms or if you would like to schedule an appointment to view the rooms preferably to call me one day before you would like to view the rooms. For more detailed room information & videos, please visit

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