New Room Rental House Rules

In view of the new year, the management has decided to upgrade our services and also the quality of the house / rooms that is currently managed, therefore new rules need to be implemented and followed in order to ensure all tenants enjoy the good changes and a cleaner environment in the house.

New Room Rental House Rules
– no outside shoes to be worn into the house otherwise RM50 will be deducted from your deposit.

– you may use clean shoes that are only used inside the house if necessary but it has to be kept inside your room.

– no shoes and belongings are to be kept outside the room (shoes can be only be kept outside the house or inside your room), any other belongings left outside the room will be thrown out of the house.

– no clothes are to be hanged anywhere in the house (clothes are to be either hanged outside the house or inside your room)

– please clean up your mess after you have used the kitchen.

– please write your name & room alphabet on your food stuff inside the fridge and also in the kitchen area or it will be either cleared and thrown out. All expired food will be cleared from the fridge without notice.

– do not leave your rubbish outside your room, either keep it in your room or throw it out in the thrash bin outside the house. Please remove all the rubbish from the kitchen after you have used the kitchen.

– please switch off all lights / fan / air cond whenever you are the last person around. Save the earth by saving electricity.

– the management have the right to inspect your room without permission if you are suspected to be using an air-cond in an non-air cond room and it caught, your deposits will be forfeited.

– please use the shared house facilities like it is your own house so we can live in a clean and happy home.

– if any of the above rules are not followed, the management has the right to forfeit your deposit and also ask you to leave the premises without notice.