Room To Let Visitor Poll – Age, Gender, Occupation

After placing a nuffnang poll on the website for 3 months, no advertisements were clicked on (which was quite surprising as the ads looked pretty exciting, therefore will be taking it down soon) but I had like quite a number of clicks on the visitor poll. The results were as the following as of today:

What were the sex of our website visitors looking for rooms to let?

66% – Males
33% – Females

Comment – I wonder this is such? Could it be that majority of the potential room tenants are male or are there just more males on the internet?

How old are the age of our website visitors that are looking for rooms to let?

16% – 13 to 18 years
58% – 19 to 23 years
16% – 24 to 30 years
08% – 31 to 40 years

Comment – My website is definetly for the target group of 19 to 23 years and I believe it will show even more with the results from the next poll question. I have a feeling the age of the 1st home buyers will be about between 31 to 40 years so before that period will be mostly renters of houses and the next age gap would be renters of rooms.

What occupation are our website visitors that are looking for rooms to let?

66% – Student
08%  – Professional
08% – Executive
08% – Entrepreneur
08% – Unemployed

Comment – This is kind of contradicting to my opinion, isn’t being a student and being unemployed somewhat similar? But I guess being a student is usually before going into the employment world. Anyways, the student category wins hands down.

I am in the midst of finding more polls with interesting questions and it should be up live pretty soon. Do come back for more juicy updates.