Room To Let Tenant Testimonial / Review For No: 4, USJ 2/2H, Subang Jaya

The following is a tenant’s written testimonial / review of her experience staying in No: 4, USJ 2/2H, Subang Jaya (Room D). The tenant’s name is IZZATI NOR HAKMA BTE AHMAD (Zetty) and she stayed in this room from the 10th January 2008 till 10th March 2009. She had to move as she has completed her studies in Segi College and will be finding a job back in Johor Bharu. Do click the picture for a bigger picture.

Room To Let Tenant Testimonial

Room To Let Tenant Testimonial

 The actual text written is as the following:

Thank to Mr. Sean, I found that the  accomodation here is good but it will be better if certain things is improved even as house cleaner per week. hehehe….

My response to the testimonial / review:

The option to get a house cleaner is indeed a good idea and will be considered. Currently I note that the existing tenants clean up as they go along (as they are required to) and so far the overall is clean other than the occasional rubbish that is cleaned up by myself in the front of the house.