How To Find Most Recent Room Rental / Room To Let Availabilities on Google?

Have you ever experienced that moment when your landlord just called you up and informed you that you have to move out tomorrow? Well, I know how that would feel as it is your room that we are talking about, not like moving tables from one to another at the mamak stall. It can be very stressful especially when you do not have much time to locate the potential rooms that you are looking for and short listing them according to your budget and location and of course the tenant mix in the house and whether you are comfortable with the house or apartment.

Thank goodness for the internet as it can help you tremendously by keying in a couple of words and “tada” u have potential current and recent rooms to go and visit and start your shortlisting process. Maybe some of you guys may know this, but for those who don’t this might help. What you need to do is get onto google and type the keyword “room to let ss15” for example and of course a list of results will show which is not a surprise. What you need to do next is to click on the “Show options” button on the top of your results and you will see a list of options on a menu on the left side of the browser. Next thing you need to do is click on “Recent results” and that’s it, you have results of available rooms that have been posted as recent as 1 hour ago. Gone were the days of calling a list of phone numbers and only to be told that the room is not available. Definitely a way to save on your mobile phone calls. Hope this helps, if it does, do shout a comment to me, appreciate it. Happy room hunting !

P/s: This is how it looks, and guess what? this website is on No.1 on Google under recent results.

How to find latest available rooms via Google

How to find latest available rooms via Google

Room To Let Article – Rooms to rent – A Few Key Things to Keep in Mind

This is an article I found useful for “to be room renters”. Hope you find it beneficial and please do give me your comments on it. Enjoy!

Finding a place to live and call home can be a stressful experience. Whether your current lease is ending or your current living arrangements just aren’t suitable any longer, finding a proper living arrangement can be difficult. If your budget is restrictive, renting your own place might not be feasible; fortunately, finding rooms to rent is a very affordable – and attractive – alternative. Indeed, thousands of people opt to rent a room and share expenses rather than take on everything alone. Is finding a room appropriate for you? Below, a few key things to keep in mind.

The Savings

The number one reason that people choose to rent a room rather than lease an entire flat or apartment is purely financial. Some just do not want to part with a huge portion of their monthly income in order to have a bed to sleep in; others may prefer to spread the expenses out among others, so that they are not solely responsible for the extraneous costs of renting an entire flat. Regardless of reason, there is no question that renting a room is just about the most affordable living arrangement available today.

When seeking rooms to let for budgetary reasons, make sure that you have developed firm numbers in your mind regarding what you can afford. Be sure to take additional expenses – like utilities – into consideration as well. Be practical in terms of where the room you wish to rent is located; more desirable neighborhoods do come with heftier price tags, even for room rentals.

The Convenience

Another reason why many people opt to let a room is for the sheer convenience of the arrangement. Needing only to be responsible for a single room – as opposed to an entire flat – means saving a lot of time in upkeep and cleaning. Many room renting situations do require renters to pitch in and help out in common areas of the place – like the kitchen or bathrooms – but this is still minor work compared with maintaining an entire flat oneself. Those with very busy schedules – like university students – find that renting a room is a very attractive option for this reason.

The Location and Community

Sometimes, renting a room is the only practical way of living in or near a very desirable neighborhood or area in a city. Flats in very trendy areas, for example, tend to come with very high monthly rents. Whether you wish to rent in a particular neighborhood simply for its popularity – or if you work or need to study there – finding rooms to rent can help make it a real possibility.

Additionally, some people just do not enjoy living alone. Renting an entire apartment to oneself can, indeed, be a lonely experience. For those who want an easy opportunity to socialize, then, renting a room is a great option. It is little wonder that so many houses on campuses around the country are full of young students renting rooms – its partly for convenience, and definitely partly for the chance to be among others their own age. Renting a room provides the chance to be among ones peers.

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Benefits of Renting A Room

While there are some renters who view renting a room as a failure, there are others who see the benefits there are to be gained from renting a room as opposed to purchasing a property. Some of the benefits of renting include the ability to save money while renting for the purpose of purchasing a home, few maintenance requirements and the inclusion of amenities which the renter would not likely be able to afford if they were to purchase a home instead of renting.

The Ability to Save Money

Being able to save up a great deal of money for the purpose of making a down payment on a dream home is just one of the many great advantages to renting a room. Many homeowners were able to realize their dream of homeownership only after living in a rental room for a certain amount of time. Although renting is often criticized as throwing money away because it does not result in equity, the ability to save money while renting is unparalleled.

Rent for a room is usually considerably less expensive than the monthly mortgage on a home. The home is also typically much bigger than the rental room but in cases where the renter is renting for the sole purpose of saving money, the value of renting cannot be denied. Depending on how long the renter stays in the room, they may save hundreds or even thousands of dollars during the course of the rental agreement.

No Maintenance Properties

Another advantage to renting a room is there is typically little or no maintenance required by the renter. This is especially true in an room situation. The renter may be responsible for small items such as changing light bulbs but more extensive repairs such as leaks in plumbing or clogs in drains are typically handled by the maintenance staff of the rental property.

Additionally common areas such as grassy areas or gardens are maintained by the maintenance staff. 

Worthwhile Amenities

Another advantage to room living is often the amenities offered to residence. Such amenities might include usage of wifi internet, usage of refrigerator, laundry facilities. In most cases these amenities are offered free of charge to resident and their guests. 

These items are often considered luxurious and are not available in the majority of homes which are on the market at any particular time. In fact searching for homes which specifically have these features may severely limit the number of search results and may result in no search results at all when these features are searched in conjunction with a typical price range. However, those who rent rooms can enjoy access to these amenities. They are also still likely saving a considerable amount of money each month as long as they are budgeting wisely and have chosen a rental room within their price range.

Room To Let – Rental with Utilities or Without?

This is one of the other questions that I often ask myself when it comes to room rentals. I remember in the days when I was in the University in Coventry when we were staying in the university halls, the rental was weekly and it was all inclusive of all utilities, water, electricity & gas for the heating and the cooking. This was indeed very convenient as you did not have to worry about forgetting about paying your bills and coming back to your candle lit room knowing that your electric bill was left somewhere chucked away in your room.

I would love to get some feedback from readers out there on which would they prefer? Would you prefer that all the tenants in the house share out the utility bills, of course for those rooms to take a bigger share since the air-conditioner takes a higher portion of the electricity bill? or would you prefer to have an all-inclusive utilities included in your rent? (like the rooms offered on this website?)

All Female Housemates or Mixed Sex Housemates?

This is a question that has been on my mind when I first started out renting rooms. From the feedback that I have received so far is that females would rather stay in a house with females especially when it comes to rooms where sharing a bathroom is compulsary. Some females have mentioned that they have experienced rowdy male housemates that can become scary and sometimes making the place of residence unsafe. Please don’t get me wrong, I myself am a male who is just providing what the market is looking for. I would definetly would like to experience a all male or a mixed housing the next time around but the question is whether or not it would be a good experience, now that is something I would love to find out from a landlord or from someone else’s experience.

Is that true that females prefer to stay in an all female housing or otherwise? If you have feedback or comments on this issue, please do comment openly. Really would appreciate it.

Pros and Cons of Living Alone Vs. Having a Room Mate (Money, Privacy, Rent, Space, Bills, Lease, Finances, Chores)

Mostly due to financial reasons, once you get out on your own, many people are forced to get room mates in order to cut the costs of living. Is it ultimately worth it? What are the ups and downs of living alone or with a room mate?

Obviously, you will want to find someone who you share common interests with. It makes living together a little easier because you both enjoy a lot of the same things. Try to find someone who’s reliability you have counted on before and can be trusted to pay their half of the rent when the time comes. It can work out living with someone of an opposite gender but from personal experience, more times than not, it causes problems. The one exception to the rule is of course a relationship.

The upsides of having a room mate are that costs, chores etc. are cut in half and there’s always someone around to kick it with if you just want to hang out. Down sides include, deciding on who does what as far as cleaning or upkeep goes, one party worrying if the other will meet their financial obligation and conflicting schedules

Living alone as some people prefer, can be a very enjoyable experience considering you have the money to sustain a comfortable living level. Nobody likes to be constantly worrying about how the bills are going to get paid and ultimately, doing so will provide a lot of stress. The up sides of living alone are privacy, no restraints on space, cleaning up after only yourself, and doing pretty much what you want to do when you want to do it. As noted before though, baying 100% of the bills is not as nearly as fun and, you may feel isolated or overly bored at times.

It is important to note that 9 times out of 10 either one of these scenarios will work out fine for you. In the case it does not, there’s a few things you have to keep in mind. If for example, your name is on the lease and not your room mates, any late or non made payments will ultimately be your responsibility so pick someone you know you can trust.

As lessee you need to lay out the rules and expectations up front, being firm yet fair.
If you decide to live on your own, make sure to stay within budget and not get wrapped up in material possessions and social functions if you can not afford it. Work hard and save is my advice. Obviously, some jobs pay better than others but if you are on a budget and live alone, there is no one else to turn to when the collectors come collecting.

If you decide to live on your own, make sure to stay within budget and not get wrapped up in material possessions and social functions if you can not afford it. Work hard and save is my advice. Obviously, some jobs pay better than others but if you are on a budget and live alone, there is no one else to turn to when the collectors come collecting.

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Guide to Finding Rooms to Rent Online

Whether you are a college student, or a person in need of a place to stay for a couple of days, weeks, or a month, or maybe you are a person just trying to save some money, renting a room is a viable option. Most people search for rooms to rent in their local newspaper, but another option is to search via the Internet. This article tells of four great places online to search for a room to rent.

Renting Rooms

Renting rooms easy to use website that even a novice when it comes to the Internet can use. On Renting Rooms’ website, visitors can browse for a room by city and state. For example, in the appropriate box, I enter the city and state where I live, Chicago, ILL, then I was asked is their was any particular zip codes I wanted look for a room to rent. Another feature of the website is that visitors will be able to look for a room in their selected price range, just enter the price cap in the appropriate box. Still another feature of Renting Rooms’ website are their categories which include: Find a Room, Find a Room (I have a roommate), Apartment rentals, and Fine a business space. For those wanting only to rent out a room or apartment, they will first need to create an account.

Metro Roommates

Metro Roommates is not only a website that caters to individuals seeking a room in the United States, but around the world. For example, if you are a college student who has decided to go abroad to study in Central America, Africa, Europe, Asia, Mexico or the Caribbean, then Metro Roommate is the perfect place for you. But say, you are a person who is only seeking a room in the United States, Metro Roommate offers an option on their website where individuals can search for a room by the city and state of their choice. Visitors to Metro Roommates’ website will first have to create an account. but once that is done they can browse through categories like Just a Room or Room with Roommates. Metro Roommate also has a section called Global roommate categories that includes: To Rent, Multiple Roommates, Furnished Rooms, and Temporary Rooms. And if there is any confusion for visitors to their website, Metro Roommates have a FAQ section for tenants and landlords.

Easy Roommate
Very easy to navigate is a one of the first things a person will notice when visiting Easy Roommate’s. When visitors enter Easy Roommates’ website they will see two images: one reads I Need A Room, the other one I Have a Room. For those looking to rent a room they need to create an account. Visitors can search for a room by city and state, the price they are willing to pay monthly, weekly and daily for a room, by furnished or unfurnished room, and their desired location.


Another way to search for a room via the Internet is to look for up the Craigslist in your area, go to the real estate section, then rooms. Usually over a dozen inquires from varies people looking to rent a room, lease a room, or in need of a roommate are advertised on Craigslist on a daily basis, some even included pictures of the room or place they are renting so viewers can get see where they will be living. Also, those who are renting the room will provide a phone number and/or e-mail address, plus the price of renting the room, and their personal preferences, if any. As with anything, it is best to be cautious and trust one’s instinct when renting a room.

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